Managing Real Estate Investment Cashflow


Listings you will find with EPM Real Estate are proven and positive cash flowing rental properties, situated in one of the best rental marketplaces in the United States!

Buyers & Sellers find great benefit in the opportunity to buy and sell occupied rental property without worrying about disrupting the tenant. Benefits to both buyers and sellers include working with a single property management company which is intimately familiar with all lease documents and maintenance of the property over a long period of time, gained the trust of the tenant, and has the ability to make property repairs and inspections easily! When all property management and maintenance documentation are clear and complete, every real estate transaction is smoother, faster and the buyer and seller are much more confident during the sale!

In many cases the houses we list for sale are currently and successfully managed by Enterprise Property Management, Inc. (EPM), and many of the properties are occupied by a EPM tenant! Buyers can be confident that Glenn Greene, Brett Bernard, Wendy Provence and other licensed Realtors® have personally visited and vetted each property for sale to Investors.

If Enterprise Property Management, Inc. (EPM) has been managing the house you have for sale or you are looking to buy as an investment property, then it will have access to years of repair and maintenance records for buyers to see before purchasing. EPM also retains extensive data on property rental values and trends.

The following are some benefits of our full service one-stop service:

  • Full relationship management between Seller, Buyer, and Tenant.
  • Sales and Management serve under the same roof, so there should be very little room for error!
  • Offers come from financially qualified and more investment focused buyers.
  • Extensive history log of the property including: maintenance performed at the property, lease status, and of current cashflow.
  • Fully Inspected & Vetted Properties
  • Simplify Real Estate Acquisition
  • Managed & Tenant Occupied
Positive Investment Opportunities

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