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Property Investment ROI, Foreclosure Eviction Moratoriums, How-To Become a Real Estate Investor
Posted Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021 by Richard Roy

In this episode we’ll be chatting to Mike about his investment journey, in Neighborhood Chat we’ll talk about foreclosure eviction moratoriums and what we’re hearing, and finally we’ll be answering some of your questions about how-to become a real estate investor.

Part One – Property Investment ROI

Brett talks with Mike about his property investments in Memphis and what he sees as differences in the stability of the Memphis real estate marketplace over what he’s experience I’m California. Mike provides accounts of his experiences purchasing and owning real estate in Memphis and shares his own actual ROI on some of his properties.

Neighborhood Chat – Foreclosure & Eviction Moratoriums

Brett and Glenn share their opinions on how they see this year progressing with regard to evictions and foreclosures. They chat about the legality of foreclosure and eviction moratoriums, how this is impacting investors, and together reflect on other times in history when government has possibly “side-stepped” the law. A Federal Judge recently ruled these powers were overreaching and deemed unconstitutional. What are your thoughts? Listen in hear the discussion.

Part Three – How-to become an investor

This is high up there on the list of questions we get asked most often. With investors from all over the world, Brett and Glenn give you the lowdown on what works, what doesn’t, and will give you a selection of “What not to do” examples. In this segment they’ll share their best advice on how to select the best Realtor® agent for you, the questions to ask when interviewing a property investment agent, and Brett makes a killer offer to drive you around Memphis looking at properties, and all for just $500.00 – is this the deal of the century? Was Brett joking? Listen in and find out. 

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