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Protecting Real Estate in Winter & Investors from around the world!
Posted Tuesday, February 23rd, 2021 by Richard Roy

In this episode we’ll be discussing some of the issues that we faced during the recent winter storm of 2021. In the neighborhood chat, we’ll discuss our new building and how we’ve come to work together. And finally, we’ll discuss some of the investments we’ve managed for our investors.

Part One – Winter Property Management

Aaron talks with Lindsey, EPM’s property management team lead, about the recent winter storm to hit Memphis and the south. Lindsey explains many of the property management processes that are in place to protect properties and shares some of the experiences from Wintergeddon 2021! Winterization is an important part of protecting a real estate investment, which includes setting faucets to drip, opening cabinet doors to increase air circulation, and making sure house heat is set to a minimum of 62ºF.

Neighborhood Chat – New Building & Rennovations

Aaron, Brett, and Glenn the new building purchase and some of the benefits to the new, larger space. They discuss the advantages about owning vs renting, chat about the changes they are making upstairs, and talk about the various challenges they’ve faced with pulling permits.

Part Three – Worldwide Property Investor Opportunities

EPM Real Estate has investors from all over the world. Japan, Israel, Australia, United Kingdom, China – just to name a few. In this segment they discuss the investment opportunities available to property investors and provide some real-world examples.

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