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Property Management Onboarding: What to expect.
Posted Wednesday, June 16th, 2021 by Richard Roy

In this episode, Richard talks with property manager Lindsey about the landlord onboarding process and what it takes to come on board with a property management company. Lindsey offers advice on what you should look out for and provides great insight into the property management onboarding process. No matter where in the world your properties are, her advice and experiences will help you ask the right questions of your property management company.

Could you give an overview of what to expect with the property management onboarding process?

There’s a couple of different ways that a house can come on board with a property management company. It could be that you already have a house within the Memphis Market and you are wanting to switch management companies. Or perhaps you are buying a new house in the Memphis Market for us to manage. You will typically speak with one of our sales agents if you are purchasing a new property, or you will speak with our principal broker, Aaron Ivey, to discuss the services that we offer. These should both be an expectation of any property management company you choose to work with.

Once you have that discussion and talk about possible rent ranges you might expect, our property management fees, and our additional services, such as property inspections, that can be instituted as part of our services to you. At his point, the property information then comes over to me, a property manager, and I get to type up all of the documents that we need to set you up with us. Depending on if the house is vacant or occupied, there are a couple of different approaches to the next steps.

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