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Nike, Amazon, FedEx, Memphis, & Property Investments by Long Distance Investors
Posted Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 by Richard Roy

In this episode we discuss various topics including areas of Memphis that have seen commercial investment from the likes of Nike and Amazon, in Neighborhood Chat chat we’ll share some funny stories that happened to us this week, and finally we’ll be talking to one of my investors, Garrett, out of Reno, Nevada. We’ll be talking to him about his investments and about his journey in the Memphis market, since he started investing late last year. So turn up the volume sit back and listen.

Part One: Real Estate Investing Near Nike and Amazon’s Brand New Facilities

We discuss the kind of investments that we’re seeing here in Memphis and what our investors are getting. You know, we’re doing a lot of business in Raleigh and Whitehaven. They’re older parts of town and they used to be their own cities back in the day, before they were eventually incorporated in Memphis. Most of the homes were built in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. A lot of 3/1s, 3/2s – brick or traditional foundation. But what’s really kicked Raleigh off is Nike having built a huge facility, and

Amazon has built one of its largest distribution centers in this part of the country.  In Raleigh, and between the two of them, as they are right next door to each other, they take up almost a an entire mile of real estate and probably employ a couple thousand employees. That’s now created this surge of people moving in with a market share of 47% for people inside the city limits of Memphis that rent.

Neighborhood Chat: Brett’s Horror Story & Glenn’s Surprise

In the words of Rockwell, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me.” Brett tells the story of a home he visited earlier this morning and how he felt like the house was haunted. He described how he could feel someone watching him. But who was it? Glenn recounts his visit out to a property in Whitehaven that he was inspecting on behalf of an investor. You might say that the previous occupant of the property was given good reason to leave. Listen in to find out what Glenn uncovered.

Part Three: Garrett’s Take On Long Term Property Investments

Garrett is a 39 year old real estate investor from Reno, Nevada. Having investigated opportunities in Indianapolis, listened to many real estate podcasts on his daily commute, and after working at length with various real estate agents, he decided to call a few places in Memphis and do some phone interviews regarding property investment, real estate agents, and property management. He did some quick phone interviews to see if there’s anybody who could help him out who has, “you know, kind of like-minded investment beliefs”, as Garrett said. After speaking with Aaron and Brett, his road as a long-distance investor was swift and, with the expertise and connections of they both brought, he was able to source and purchase two properties, work with local Memphis contractors to perform maintenance and upgrades, then find and place tenants in the properties. Listen as he describes his journey to becoming a confident long-distance investor.

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