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Investment Property Flips, Renovations, New Builds
Posted Tuesday, May 25th, 2021 by Richard Roy

Investment Property Flips, Renovations, New Builds

In this episode, we’re speaking to Wendy Provence, a realtor here at EPM Real Estate. Wendy tells us how she came to do her first investment property flip, renovations, she discusses her approach, and she reveals what she’s learned through completing a number of new build projects. Wendy just looks at a piece of land and says, “I know exactly what I’m going to do with this!” She is equally a visionary and an investor. Throughout this interview you’ll hear how she’s very positive, she’s definitely a visionary, and in fact, she may well be the number one visionary at EPM Real Estate.

Wendy has successfully built and sold infill housing within East Memphis, she manages her own contractors, and she is ready to build anything. She is always looking for investors who require help to acquire and develop land, and build new construction for the rapidly growing Memphis retail market! Wendy’s focus and success in new construction make her the perfect partner when considering an acquisition of real estate for rehab and flip opportunities, land development, and new construction partnerships for the cash investors seeking a simple return on a cash investment.

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Flips, Rehab, New Construction 
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