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Hear from a Real Estate Investor & Learn About Investment Financing Types
Posted Tuesday, February 16th, 2021 by Richard Roy

In this episode of our real estate investor podcast we’ll be chatting with our guest Mike Gibson, who’s an investor based in California. We’ll be discussing various topics in our neighborhood chat segment, and finally we’ll talk about types of investment property and financing, and how to decide what is good for you.

Part One
Brett and Glenn chat to Mike, a Californian investor, who has investment property in both California and Memphis, TN. Mike chats about his experiences, provides comparisons to other ways he’s invested his money, and gives insight into how a regular person can venture into real estate investing.

Neighborhood Chat
Aaron and Brett discuss property management software and how the company is overcoming moving to new software and transitioning back, realizing the product had been misrepresented to them. They share a funny story about changing a lightbulb, and they chat about using contractors to do property inspections.

Part Three
Aaron chats with Glenn about what choices real estate investors have for financing their property investments, and Glenn breaks down three key approaches to investment.

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