Brett Bernard of EPM Real Estate, Memphis, TN. Realtor and Developer serving mainly Real Estate Investors purchasing Memphis area investment property.

Brett Bernard
Realtor® & Developer

Brett Bernard is an all purpose Realtor, serving mainly Real Estate Investors from all over the world. Brett has an amazingly keen eye for opportunities which he has been known to discover simply by speaking with neighbors and tenants in the same neighborhoods where he is currently working.

Brett quickly becomes aware of purchase opportunities through his organic boots on the ground approach and is an excellent resource for both NEW and REPEAT buyers. Brett can work in all parts of the city of Memphis, but has a real knack for finding purchases in middle class and blue collar neighborhoods. Having worked directly with tenants for years, he knows what communities make for a dependable and performing acquisition for buyers! Brett also has extensive experience in Residential Development as well as the acquisition and re-development of older areas.

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